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Omens and Technical Innovations

January 17, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Days before, the Santeros of African descent, organizers of the Commission Letter of the Year “Miguel Febles Padron” and the Yoruba Association of Cuba, announced to the press corps in Havana their predictions for 2010, marked by deaths, catastrophes, and other apocalyptic predictions that coincide with or contradict the discourse of the Island government.

The prophecies were outlined by Lazaro Cuesta and Victor Betancourt representing the Babalawos of the Commission of the Annual Letter, held on December 31, based on the ritual of the Yoruba divination system, whose gurus envision and guide their practitioners on the future, lead in 2010 by Baba Eylobe (Double Salvation) and the deities (orishas) Obatala (creator and patron of humans) and Oya (in charge of storms and the ancestors).

Although the prognostications for Cuba and the world are as unpredictable as the tides, the Babalawos spoke of disasters, civil disturbances, and changes through the supposed interpretation of the deities who govern the year.  Not to be outdone, the official of the Yoruba Association took it as a sign of 2010 for Obesa (good health) and like orishas Yemaya (patronof the seas) and Chango (heirarch of thunder and war).

In response to some foreign reporters the Babalawos were cautious.  None specified the names of the celebrities who will die, nor touched on topics prohibited in Cuba like political repression and the violation of human rights.

After meeting with the Santeros of the press, Yoani Sanchez, to resume classes at the Blogger Academy on January 5, presented in Havana the new technologies expected from Microsoft in 2010, as announced by its president (Bill Gates) from the United States,  These include entering the mobile phone market with hydrogen (automatic recharge), touch screen monitors, electronic paper, support for USB 3.0 (at 10 times the speed of previous versions), 3D televisions, Chrome 05 Internet Browser, and support for 4G (100 megabytes a second) and Ping to connect to cyberspace from mobile phones, with automatic access to Twitter and other sharing sites on the web.

Both types of news differ and converge in the Cuban spectrum, where the omens of animistic religions coincide in time with the most advanced technology, whose progress is hampered by the structural crisis that submerges the Island in poverty and immobility.

While Babalawos tread once again the path of their ancestors and aid their divinities in predicting the events of 2010, many young people opt for the changes the demand in the country through the introduction of new technologies.  Acquire knowledge and access to the Internet is, more than a dream or a prophecy, a necessity that delimits the future.

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