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Hunger Strike

On Wednesday, April 14, a hunger strike for his civil rights was declared by the prisoner Yamil Domínguez Ramos, a US citizen of Cuban origin, who is in Building 1, Complex 2 north, of the Combinado del Este prison in Havana.

Marleny González, Yamil Dominguez’s wife and source of this note, said on Sunday the 18th that she was at the prison on the 15th and 18th, but was not allowed to see the inmate. Thursday Capital Guerra met with her in Combinado del Este and advised her that “following procedure he would be put in a punishment cell indefinitely.”

Faced with the threat, Marleny, on Monday, 19 went to the Attorney General. Yamil Ramos Domínguez was jailed in October 2007 when he arrived on his yacht at the Hemingway Marina, west of Havana, because of a storm that prevented him from continuing to the Cancun resort. The fact that he is an American citizen aroused the suspicions of the Coast Guard, who believe the yachts from the north only come to traffic in persons, drugs and they alerted State Security whose officers fabricated false evidence and forced the family to pay in foreign currency for legal resources.

Even though the Supreme Court ordered a review of the case, the Court of the City of Havana, under pressure from State Security, ratified the sentence. The details about the rights Yamil Domínguez Ramos can be read in his blog, Notorious Injustice.

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