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Expedited Trial

Dania Virgen García García left her house on April 20, but has not returned to Diezmoro, in the southeast of Havana. She may return at the end of 2011. She didn’t go for a trip on the island nor take an airplane to Spain or the United States, where she has brothers who, when they come to visit Cuba don’t visit her to avoid problems with the neighbors who watch her.

Dania was arrested before reaching her home by three policemen took her to the police station of San Miguel del Padrón. She was locked in a cell with thieves and psychopaths. She could not name a lawyer nor be visited by relatives and friends, but after three days she was sentenced to one year and eight months in prison. From Friday April 23 she began serving her sentence in a women’s prison in Havana.

As the legal operation caused shock and outrage among human rights defenders, on whose lists Dania Virgin has been for many years, someone called her daughter and sister in Guanabacoa, who were evasive because they testified against her under pressure from the agents of State Security, which found in the family fissure the way to jail the activist without political cost.

The previous threats, the way she was detained and the trial under pressure of Dania V. Garcia, who represented in the capital the opposition party of Holguin, here reporting of violations of human rights and marching with the Ladies in White on the streets of Havana, are another sign of hatred and intolerance against civic fighters who defy repression and give the lie to the Castro regime’s media campaigns.

The pulling in of relatives and police and the summary proceeding against a helpless woman with no prior criminal violates even the draconian Penal Code of Cuba. She was accused of arbitrary exercise of the right, under Article 159, paragraphs 1 and 2,which entails a fine or penalty of one to three months of confinement, so it follows that they fabricated other causes.

The handling of the relationship of Dania García Virgin with her sister in Guanabacoa, the wife of an officer who rents a house with pool in Guanabo, was the Achilles heel of the opponent of 40 years who had no right to defense.

It is said that Dania kicked her daughter out of the house, and that this frivolous girl was forced to go back and forth between the houses of her grandmother and her aunt. Other versions confirmed the police harassment against the activist for her reporting and marches along with the Ladies in White, who demand the release of prisoners of conscience.

Virgin Dania’s colleagues and parishioners of the Catholic parish of Diezmero, to which she attended on a regular basis, denied rumors spread by the agents and speak of the sensitivity and ethical and human values and of this victim of the impunity of power.

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