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Among the Media Campaigns

Since late February, when the press, some governments, and several institutions and personalities in the world condemned the Cuban regime for the death of Orlando Zapata Tamayo and other human rights violations, the Island’s leaders, instead of solving the problem, saw the critics as an international conspiracy and replied with a media campaign to misinform and manipulate the citizens of the country, whom they call on to defend the injustice.

Accustomed to doing what they please and scheduling economic, political and advertising campaigns of all kinds, the Castro-ite ideologues take cover in the lie and use the mass media to throw up a smokescreen while the storm passes. Unable to understand reality, they face new problems with old methods.

2010 began with the ideological campaign over the disaster in Haiti, which exaggerates the Cuban contribution and minimizes that offered by developed nations. Between January and April the media alternated news of the neighboring catastrophe with electoral constituencies in the country, and legitimizing process of exclusion. There were also headlines of hatred against the United States, Israel and Europe, and gilded pills about allies such as Brazil, China and Venezuela, without neglecting the advocacy of the “wonderful Cuban health system.”

Among so many campaigns Cubans are denied access to information, free expression of their desires, the right to live outside the state and, and other freedoms that feed the soul and body. Behind the call to rant against the nations that denounce the abuse of an inefficient and repressive government, hides the contempt for the nation that they run as a military camp, and the determination to continue to exercise a political, economic, and cultural monopoly.

He who accuses, excuses himself and hides his misdeeds. The Castro regime’s disinformation machinery greased back its old arguments to act with impunity. To reiterate the “revolutionary slogans,” disqualify those who express other views and demonize the peaceful opposition, is to chant the media indoctrination that ensures the simulation and opportunism that are needed to move the masses like zombies after the official discourse.

The ideological counteroffensive to the international denunciations renewed trenches of fear that lead to silence. Repression marches parallel to slander. They reach the point of assaulting on a public street defenseless women, which demoralizes the authorities, bereft of arguments to continue in power.

If no one can disagree, and all citizen action is part of an international conspiracy, it’s time that government wise men solve problems created during half a century of slogans, undertakings, and failed alliances. To govern is not to ban, to excommunicate, and to manufacture hate campaigns. It is to stick to reality and seek alternatives. They could begin by freeing political prisoners and institutionalizing the opposition.

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