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Darsi Ferrer Trial

After eleven months in detention, the Diez de Octubre Municipal Court in Havana has set Tuesday, June 22, for the trial against the opposition figure Darsi Ferrer, who will be tried for the alleged crimes of assault and receiving stolen property, fabricated by the agents of the Political Police (State Security) with respect to his civic activism as the leader of Health and Human Rights in Cuba.

Darsi Ferrer, interned since July 2009 in the capital’s prison, Valle Grande, was the victim of a police beating and forced search of his home, where the police seized two bags of cement and some rebar. Protesting these violations, he was arrested.

According to Yusnaimi Jorge, the activist’s wife, the search was part of a political stunt in which they used the police and pro-government neighbors. As the order did not meet the requirements of the Criminal Procedures Law, her husband refused to let them in, so they broke down the door with the help of a neighbor who today figures as a witness to the supposed offenses.

The “irrelevance of the case” is such that Darsi Ferrer’s dossier circulated to the Provincial Municipal Court, the Villa Marista headquarters of State Security, and, finally, to the Deputy Attorney General of the Republic, who supposedly ordered the process to continue.

This trial is extremely delayed. Darsi could have been bailed out on a bond and sent home to wait, because he has no criminal record, in a peaceful activist, and the alleged crime is very minor and a very common one in Cuba.

The case has gained worldwide prominence because  during his imprisonment the dissident doctor declared two hunger strikes, was declared a prisoner of conscience by Amnesty International, and received the help of human rights defenders, principally from the black communities in Brazil and the United States, whose leaders interceded for him with presidents Lula da Silva and Raul Castro.

Yusnaimi Jorge charges that the judicial authorities “went to the extreme of rejecting three Changes of measures requested by the defense.” As the Prosecutor is now calling for three years’ imprisonment against Darsi Ferrer, he fears that the trial be converted into another farce, as has happened with hundreds of opponents who are imprisoned for alleged attacks, receiving stolen property, and slanders that denigrate the moral status of persons who peacefully denounce the violations of human rights in Cuba.

  1. June 22, 2010 at 9:13 am

    I have a very collateral question, if you allow me to. Given what you post on your blog (in both Spanish and English), and given that you live in Cuba, how come that you are not in jail — if this is what happens when you criticize the regime — and how come you still have a job?

    Just curious.

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