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60 Days on a Hunger Strike

On June 14 Yamil Domínguez Ramos completed 60 days on a hunger and thirst strike, behind the bars of Combinado del Este, the biggest prison in Cuba. On only two occasions have the prison authorities allowed his family to visit him, but on May 20 he was transferred to the prison hospital where he was given glucose and a feeding solution.

Yamil Domínguez Ramos is a U.S. citizen of Cuban origins. He was arrested in October 2007 when his pleasure yacht docked at the Marina Hemingway as a result of a storm which prevented him from reaching the resort of Cancun, Mexico, where he intended to enjoy that year’s spectacle of the dolphins. The fact that he had a US passport with a Cuban visa sparked the suspicions of the coast guard, who accused him of human trafficking, though even with coercion they could not force Yamil’s wife to fabricate testimony against him, a person whose only crime had been to not calculate the impunity of the State Security agents, who affected the sentence handed down by the Havana Provincial Court.

Yamil, a contractor in the U.S., appealed through his hunger strike the denial of the Cuban courts to review his case and render a fair decision.

Both his wife (Marleny González) and his sister (Yadaimí Domínguez Ramos) appealed in vain before the Supreme Court, which on one occasion demanded a review of the case, but then accepted the same sentence they had questioned from the Provincial Court, which reveals the limits of justice under the Castro regime.

Neither the Cuban Commission for Human Rights nor the international organizations that monitor human rights violations on the island have declared Yamil Domínguez Ramos a political prisoner, which keeps him at the mercy of the jailers, whose impunity is expressed in the 60 days of suffering and physical frailty.

Those wishing to know the particulars of the case can link to the blog Notorious Injustice, or call his wife (205-9076) or sister (203-2956) who are exhausting themselves in court proceedings and calling for the attention of the independent press and the foreign reporters accredited in Havana.

The prolonged hunger strike of Guillermo Fariñas from Santa Clara to demand the release of the 26 prisoners of conscience who are ill, and in addition the six hunger strikers, encourages a review of the subject by the Cuban authorities. After 60 days of a hunger and thirst strike in Combinado del Esto, Yamil Dominguez Ramos has taken on the challenge of peaceful dissent.

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