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Darsi Ferrer Freed

Tuesday, June 22, the Diez de Octubre municipal court decided to release the dissident doctor Darsi Ferrer, who spent almost a year in the capital prison of Valle Grande, accused in July 2009 of acquiring black market materials to repair his house and of verbal threats against two neighbors who helped the police search his house.

As the court is held indoors, both reporters accredited in Cuba as well as some alternative bloggers and independent journalists had to wait for the ruling outside, or in the park on the corner, while the Havana Provincial Court judge, the chief prosecutor for Diez de Octubre and a defense attorney from Cotorro presented the details of the case, marked — surprisingly — by an impartial trial, which took into account the time served by Darsi Ferrer, who essentially completed his sentence before he was tried.

During the process, unfairly delayed under pressure from the political police, represented int he courtroom by a colonel from State Security, the judge had to leave to answer her cellphone, which rang during oral arguments. Of the seven prosecution witnesses only four showed, who almost retracted when questioned by the defense, which presented five witnesses who spoke with self-assurance.

Although the prosecutor asked for a three year sentence, the court imposed one year of correctional labor without imprisonment, with the sentence taking into account time served, and the defendant being freed immediately. Formally, Darsi Ferrer returned to his home to wait for a call from the court to establish his work assignment.

It would be a formality to ask who will compensate Darsi Ferrer for his year in prison, as it is meaningless under the Cuban regime, accustomed to penalizing its peaceful opponents who demand democratic changes on the Island, although the police cover up the detentions under alleged ordinary crimes.

At the end of the trial the foreign press and the independent communicators reported the details of the process, but the attorney did not make a statement as he had to go to another trial at the Havana Provincial Court.

People are saying that the release of the opposition doctor was not only due to the year he spent in prison and the weakness of the alleged crimes, but because of the political cost for the island government which has been condemned by the world community after the February death of the political prisoner Orlando Zapata Tamayo, which made clear to everyone the violation of human rights in Cuba.

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